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The cross-covariance revealed several features of the variability that reinforced other observations.
As reported in all these studies, however, there is a fair amount of variability in speakers" intuitions of syllabification, even when dialect is controlled for.
In the past, authors stressed the greater variability of the disease"s prognosis, clinical findings and cell morphology.
In other words, field agricultural production systems are more vulnerable to rainfall variability than garden production.
Differences in acculturation and socioeconomic status produced high levels of intragroup variability that hindered a straightforward application of the categorical approach.
The response variability of the simulated spike trains generated according to this model was then calculated in the same way as for the real data.
First, it is expected that a significant degree of between-individual variability will exist in the developmental trajectories of externalizing problems.
This permitted the examination of the average growth trajectories as well as the presence of individual variability about the average growth parameters.
Data from both sessions were required in order to obtain sufficient word types và production tokens lớn conduct a variability analysis.
It was found that with rotation the vertical variability is reduced and that two-dimensionalization, expressed by the vertical vortiđô thị energy, is enhanced by rotation.
Results show that farm risk in this environment is in-uenced much more by prices than by weather variability.
Such variability and the presence of flagella and microtubules in their preparations make their data not comparable with ours.
In any event there is increasing interest in & recognition of the variability và historiđô thị of hunter-gatherer societies & groups.
This study has highlighted the importance of examining the processing of accent-related variability in children with speech difficulties.
A by-sản phẩm of the canonical analyses is an assessment of the between-group variability in the different canonical directions.

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the act of collecting or producing money for a particular purpose, especially for a charity

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Delusions of grandeur: talking about people with a high opinion of themselves



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