CoolSense Technology is a feature in some notebook computers that combines hardware, software, và mechanical design khổng lồ dynamically manage the temperature of your notebook computer, & help keep you comfortable while using it. CoolSense Technology uses a motion sensor in your notebook computer khổng lồ sense when your computer is being used in a stationary or mobile setting, và automatically adjusts the computer performance and người tốc độ to keep the computer cool. usagroup.vnhường CoolSense software allows you khổng lồ specify your cooling preferences. Use this document to configure and use your CoolSense software.

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If your Notebook computer came with usagroup.vnhường CoolSense software, make sure it is updated to the latest version.
Download and install the lakiểm tra version of usagroup.vnhường CoolSense from the usagroup.vnhường CoolSense Technology tải về site. CoolSense requires accelerometer and thermal control hardware only available on select computers. CoolSense is designed to run on notebook computers with CoolSense Technology và Windows 10, Windows 8, or Windows 7.
This section uses images and directions for the lathử nghiệm version of usagroup.vnhường CoolSense. Images and directions for previous versions are similar but may vary slightly.

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The CoolSense inhỏ is displayed on the task bar.


Cliông chồng On (default) or Off lớn change the settings. Cliông xã About for a mô tả tìm kiếm of usagroup.vnhường CoolSense settings or lớn view the program"s version number.
On - usagroup.vnhường CoolSense automatically detects if your notebook computer is not in a stationary position and adjusts computer performance & fan settings lớn keep your computer"s surface temperature at a comfortable cấp độ. When CoolSense is On, the ibé in the task bar is xanh.
Off - CoolSense does not automatically adjust your notebook computer"s performance or bạn settings beyond default cooling settings. The surface temperature of your notebook computer may be higher than it would be with CoolSense turned on. When usagroup.vnhường CoolSense is Off, the ibé in the task bar
is black.
* CoolSense is not installed, nor is it usagroup.vned, on all notebook computers. usagroup.vnhường. CoolSense software works only on usagroup.vnhường computers & requires accelerometer và thermal control hardware. If your computer originally came with any version of usagroup.vnhường. CoolSense software pre-installed, your computer has the hardware necessary khổng lồ CoolSense Technology.
Attempting khổng lồ tải về and install usagroup.vnhường CoolSense software on a notebook computer that does not have usagroup.vnhường CoolSense Technology will result in an error message. If you are not sure if you computer has the necessary hardware, you may attempt the download & installation. Attempting to install the CoolSense software on an notebook computer does not harm your computer.